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“When we bring our mind into our body,
the body becomes mindful
and the mind becomes embodied.”
Donna Farhi

Embodied Resilience


A path to help you reclaim trust in your body and
 tap into your wellspring of strength and resilience




The Program includes:


A live weekly movement and mindfulness practice personalized to your needs and abilities

Downloadable recordings of all your personal practices to keep forever

Actionable take-aways to integrate resourcing and sustainable movement into your everyday life

Access to me via e-mail and/or WhatsApp to share your reflections and milestones or questions throughout the week


What can you bring to the work?


curiosity and an openness to enter into a new and fruitful way way of relating to your body
  a commitment to showing up for yourself and participate in co-creating and co-generating your path toward wholeness and resilience


Along the path of Embodied Resilience you will:


learn to inhabit your body with more peace and ease

reclaim your sense of agency in your movements in the world

boost your physical and emotional capacity to ‘be with’ the stressors and challenges life throws your way

A series of private one-to-one sessions
 tailored to your unique needs and situation


each week you will receive:


  • A live weekly movement and mindfulness practice personalized to your needs and abilities


  • Actionable take-aways to integrate resourcing and sustainable movement into your everyday life


  • Accessible and experiential learnings to deepen your knowledge about your body and nervous system, investing you with the power to make your best, informed decisions about how to move, soothe, regulate and rest when and as you choose.


  • Tools to boost your mindful noticing and ‘marvelling’ skills, fortifying your capacity to engage with reality and all of its complexity in more generative and hopeful ways.




As you move through the program,
you will build your personal
 Resource Repository
with body-based resources and strategies
to support and empower you in making
your best choices
as you move through the world
with agency and resilience
Click below to book a call with me to find
how Embodied Resilience can help support you today…


I danced for an hour and a half while singing in the kitchen - yoga mixed with dance mixed with spontaneous and free body movement...I had such a feeling of happiness...a deep happiness...my body started to move and I went with it. I don't think I've ever felt such a sense of well-being in my whole life...my body spoke to me of an important desire to move...even with my back pain, because I'm not saying I wasn't in pain, but I moved anyway and that's never happened to me in my whole life, never...this is the beginning of something new, a way of listening to my body and being led into movement.
- Alessandra
``Feeling safe in my body is SO much fun!``

About Me

Hello and welcome♥


I’m Hilary, a movement educator and specialist who  avoided exercise for most of my early life, until I discovered ways to make movement work for me and my unique body.


I am now a movement enthusiast who sees movement as a vital resource for all bodies at any age or stage in life.


I’m also a former China IT & telecoms corporate strategist who left the confines of the office to become a yoga teacher in my thirties. Soon after I founded a yoga studio in Milano in 2008.


A lifetime of chronic health challenges and the impulses of my neurodivergent mind spurred me to search outside of my yoga training for more answers on how to live with less pain and more ease in my body. I delved into biomechanics, applied neuroscience, pain science as well as trauma-informed modalities, strength and resistance training, and gentle, non-invasive bodywork.


And along the way, I became a Nutritious Movement™ Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES), TCTSY- Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator, Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) facilitator and certified teacher of Integral Movement Method (IMM) for Hypermobility EDS/HSD (that’s a lot of acronyms btw).


My learnings and trainings also speak to the personal ‘embodied archeology’ I embarked on in my search for the underlying causes and treatment of my symptoms. My diagnostic odyssey lasted more than three decades, and I was finally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (h-EDS) only three years ago.

I now work with other chronically-challenged bodies (and hearts and minds) to help rediscover their own unique paths to reclaiming safety & trust in their bodies and agency & ease in their movements through the world.


I am passionate about sharing my love of moving with every body, no matter what stage of health or age or shape. I felt excluded from the fitness world for too many years of my life, believing my body wasn’t capable of participating in the exercise offerings out there: that I was too clumsy, awkward, bendy, weird and not cool enough to belong. I believe in the healing power of movement and in dismantling ableist and exclusive approaches to health and wellness. Moving together is a basic human animal necessity and resource that I believe should be made available and accessible to every body.


My wanderings and wonderings have taken me from my homeland in New York to Mexico to San Francisco and across the Pacific to Taiwan and Hong Kong. I finally settled here in Europe and currently live between Italy and Spain, where I founded my newest venture, Mindful Movement  – now also known as Co.Move.Ment – inspired by the power of moving mindfully together as a way of healing in community. I offer trauma-sensitive mindful movement in one-to-one session as well as group programs both online and in-person.